How The Good Green Death Project Came to Be

Susan Koswan had been thinking about being cremated at the end of her life, but then she found out about human composting when she came across The Urban Death Project – a non-profit organization conceptualizing human composting and the vision of Katrina Spade (which has now evolved into Recompose – a public benefit corporation). Drawing on her formidable activist background and skills, Susan reached out to some people she felt would be interested in the possibility of human composting in Ontario to meet with her at the City of Waterloo. Ellen Newman attended that meeting as a member of the Green Burial Society of Canada. Over lunch after the meeting, Susan and Ellen had a great “meeting of the minds”, and a couple of months later, Susan invited Ellen to join her in the pursuit of more environmentally friendly options at the end of life. When the two shared their vision of what options and choices they’d like to see, The Good Green Death Project was born.