The Good Green Death Project in the Media

The Waterloo Record (April 17, 2018):
A Natural Death by Mathew McCarthy

CBC (February 10, 2018):
Green Burials by Carmen Ponciano

Kitchener Citizen (February 8, 2018):
Good Green Death Project by Carrie Debrone

Kitchener Citizen (November 2, 2017):
Good Green Death Project Introduces the Idea of Composting Human Remains by Joy Struthers

Good Green Death Project Newsletters

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Recompose Newsletters

Recompose is a company founded by Katrina Spade to bring recomposition to the public. You can download their newsletters below.

Recompose Inaugural Newsletter

Series on Green Burial by Ellen Newman for

What Exactly is Green Burial?
11 Eco-Friendly Burial Options
Green Burial Myths Debunked

Other Green Burial News

The Star, Edmonton (May 30, 2018):
Alberta Cemeteries Looking to Provide Environmentally Friendly Burials by Kashmala Fida and Mary Getaneh

Niagara This Week (May 27, 2018):
How We Can Help Green Our Planet Dr. W.G. Gifford-Jones

CBC News Business (May 18, 2018):
Baby Boomers Moving Toward Cheap and Cheerful Funerals by Dianne Bruckner

CBC News Interactives(May 16, 2018):
Back to the Land by Andre Maye

CBC On the Money (May 8, 2018):
Green Burials by Dianne Bruckner (video)

Hamilton Spectator (January 5, 2018):
Hamilton Councillor wants Staff to Look at Green Burials by Natalie Paddon