Green Burial

Green Burial Society of Canada
Green Burial Council (US organization)

Human Composting/Recomposition


Green Burial Grounds - Ontario

Fairview Cemetery, Niagara Falls (700 green burial lots)
St. John’s Public Cemetery, Jordan
Meadowvale Cemetery, Brampton
Duffin Meadows Cemetery, Pickering
Union Cemetery, Cobourg
St. James Anglican Church, Roseneath
Parkview Cemetery, Kitchener-Waterloo (108 green burial lots)

Coming Soon:
Nogies Woodland Burial Ground, Bobcaygeon

Green Burial Grounds - Canada

Les Sentiers, Quebec (For BIOS Urns only) – See Ellen’s blog post “I Want to be a Tree When I Die” (coming soon)
Catholic Cemeteries of Granby, Quebec
Denman Island,British Columbia
Royal Oak Burial Park, British Columbia

There is a comprehensive list of green burial grounds in Canada available here the website. It should be noted that not all the green burial grounds listed in the article would necessarily meet the definition of a green burial ground per The Green Burial Society of Canada or The Green Burial Council. Nonetheless, more environmentally friendly options are available across Canada and are listed in the article.

Consumer Groups

Cocagne Sustainable Development Group, New Bruinswick

Memorial Societies

Ontario Federation of Memorial Societies/Funeral Consumer Alliance
For a listing of other memorial societies in Canada, visit this website

Home/Family Led Funerals

Both these sites have listings for individual community death care practitioners. CINDEA: Canadian Integrative Network of Death Education Alternatives
Community Deathcare Canada

Community Based Hospice

Hospice Association


Institute of Traditional Medicine, Contemplative End of Life Care
Beyond Yonder – Virtual School for Community
WILLOW End of Life Education and Planning

Legislation/Regulatory Bodies - Ontario

Bereavement Authority of Ontario
Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act

Information on Livestock Composting

Actium Composting

Social Media

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